Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Water Unleashed

            It is remarkable how much power water really has.  The energy is in so many forms that it factors in to nearly every aspect of our lives good and bad.  However when it is bad that’s when people take real note. Water can supply us with the energy of life as well as the energy to make the things in our life go. Waters energy can also bring about devastation and destruction.  The most obvious of scenarios are floods, damaging rains and tsunamis which we have seen through history. Floods caused by untamed nature or by manmade broken water mains (not my fault!) cause millions of dollars of damage all the time.  It doesn’t stop there.  Ice and snow storms have the power to bring bustling cities to a screeching halt; whole states can be left in the dark and it could also dent my car. Let’s see how powerless you feel when your car is skidding down an icy road!

 Water also has the uncanny ability to take power away from us.  A healthy human can survive over a week with little or no food, but with little or no water (or coffee) you can expect to wither away much sooner. Not only people but villages and countries with sort water supplies suffer the harsh realization of the power water has over them.  Cities settled and built on water ways thrived as did farms with natural irrigation supplies.  This resource became ultimate power for shipping and all manners of business.  This need of its power has been fought over time and time again throughout Earths history.  Both man and animal instinctively know that water is the ultimate necessity.  

Water is also a great divider and holds some of life’s greatest mysteries.  The power of the unknown is a driving force in the human mind.  Mankind has only begun to explore the stars and the first question we find ourselves asking is there alien water?  Yet we sill have so much of our own sea floor uncharted and so out of our reach, exploring it would take nearly the same energy as exploring other worlds.

All in all you can get lost in its power as well as become consumed by it.  With this knowledge we still take water for granted.  We build our houses on shorelines and cliff sides, we abuse water and pollute it to the point of no return, and we stay short minded to its potential. 

Just remember that potential when you ball up that first perfect snowball this season and you have that guy in your sights. ;p