Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The best use of water........

This is any easy one

Coffee and tea! I mean are you kidding. Taking a hunk of mother nature and adding hot water. Simple. Elegant. A must have on Monday.

Sure I can hear the debates start now, "Yes, but what about beer?", or "just drinking it cold on ice.

My answer is still a brew of coffee (maybe even Irish!) or a nice steeped tea. The aroma, the zing of that first hot sip, the warmth you get when you get a bit more of the cup in you, and the longing for more when the last drip passes your taste buds.

One must beware, sure water is the end all be all of coffee or tea but the science in making it can make your day one of bliss or a day so foul you'd wish you had not been sent to the depths of hell.

All drinkers have a favorite way to make it or a favorite spot to buy it, I just happen to disagree with most of them. ( Drip coffee and and huge chain spots...yuck)

However, no matter what you do it starts with water and just like any other premium ingredient don't ruin it buy making bad coffee or tea.

This rant is now out of my system.