Thursday, November 13, 2008

November AWWA e-Journal comments

The AWWA (American Water Works Association) November e-Journal issue has an article concerning pharmaceuticals found in drinking water.  This article is on the heels of a report that circulated in the press this past summer.  I remember the tag lines vividly for the evening editions of the local news.  With all the scare tactics and warnings to, “stay tuned to hear the shocking news tonight at eleven”.  What I wanted to hear was an explanation in terms that everyday people not in the water treatment field could understand or relate to.  I just wish that they would inform the public and not scare them, let them know that these early tests show that the pharmaceuticals were found in concentrations of parts per trillion, and explain how small of an amount that truly is.  Sure, I too also believe that much more research needs to be done with this growing concern. However, as far as I can see at the present, the concern is yet to be adverse to human health.  If anything, instead of getting scared by news segments I would hope that this would be a topic for people to reflect on the products they buy and what they flush back into the environment.